Not convinced. It looks good, but to be really convincing the window must be bolted in place. There is a lot of energy being removed from his efforts because the entire window frame gets shoved to the side. If it were stable, all that energy would be going into the product and giving a more real-world example of its… » 8/29/14 7:40am Friday 7:40am

The water at my new house has too much arsenic in it which can, over time, cause cancer. It's news like this that makes me think, "Screw it. Instead of buying a crazy expensive water filtration system, I'll just invest the money and use it to buy the anti-cancer pill in 20 years." » 8/28/14 10:36pm Thursday 10:36pm

I have a Galaxy S4 and I love it. It's also my first smartphone, so I have no comparison. But I do know when I see people using phones with smaller screens I think I wouldn't want that. I love the big screen and it's still a good size to fit into a shirt pocket. » 8/28/14 10:23pm Thursday 10:23pm

That certainly does look goofy by today's standards of VR wearables. Heck, even by the 90's standards of VR wearables. It makes me wonder how extra ridiculous it'll look in 30 years when the technology is mature to the point of complete life-like immersion. People will think this is akin to strapping into a medieval… » 8/28/14 9:12pm Thursday 9:12pm