Pretty sure the reflective idea has been considered. “Painting” it with a light or dark substance such as dust can change it’s trajectory. Though, we’re talking about an object over one kilometer in diameter. That’s gonna take a lot of material. Even more so if it’s spinning, which it surely is.
» 4/17/15 5:04pm Yesterday 5:04pm

I sold my Toyota Corolla on Criagslist about 6 months back. The photos were pretty “normal” but I jazzed up the description to appeal to a younger crowd. Either it worked great, or people just really wanted my car. All I know for sure it is sold in about 12 hours for more than I asked. » 4/15/15 9:04pm Wednesday 9:04pm

This is pretty cool, but it needs one more thing to be truly useful. Enough power to offload the captured images/video to a remote site. Then it can run self contained forever and you can process the video to look for whatever it is you want (E.g., movement) and ignore the rest. That’d make for a handy home security… » 4/15/15 5:00pm Wednesday 5:00pm