I used to follow the Amiga demo scene a lot back in the late 80's and early 90's. Then I kind of fell out of it. I recently rediscovered it about a year back and was absolutely blown away by the advances. Anything this awesome then would have put me in a mind coma! » 4/20/14 5:28pm Yesterday 5:28pm

I don't know the last time I bought any music at all. And no, I don't steal it either. I simply don't buy/listen to much music. I enjoy the radio and if there's anything on the radio that I like, I look up the music video. I like music and all, it's just not cost effective for me to pay for it to listen to it once or… » 4/19/14 7:26pm Saturday 7:26pm

I can't find the name of it now, but does this list include that game the guy was making that he was never going to release so it would only ever exist on the source computer and only ever be played by a couple of people? There was an article on here about a few months ago (?) » 4/19/14 7:22pm Saturday 7:22pm